The Summer School “The Model of the Social Market Economy for Belarus” Took Place

The Summer School “The Model of the Social Market Economy for Belarus” Took Place

9 – 12 July, 2014 the Oikonomos European Research Association held the summer school “The Model of the Social Market Economy for Belarus” in Kaunas, Lithuania. The school gathered about twenty university lecturers and experts from Belarus.

The main aim of the summer school was to enhance participants’ knowledge of the concept of ordoliberalism and social market economy and to share practical experience of implementation of this model in Germany, Poland, and Lithuania. The summer school featured discussions of challenges of teaching the fundamental principles of the social market economy in higher school and prospects of its implementation in Belarus.

The lecturers of the summer school were leading Belarusian experts in the field of the social market economy, as well as invited foreign lecturers: Prof. Piotr Pyzs from the College of Business and Technology (Oldenburg, Germany) / The University of Finance and Management (Bialystok, Poland) and Prof. Romas Lazutka from Vilnius State University (Lithuania).

The summer school comprised of the following topical units that consisted of lectures and discussions:

1. Origins of the concept of ordoliberalism and the social market economy”,

2. Constitutive Principles of Walter Eucken’s economic order as a foundation for system economic transformation in Belarus”, Prof. Siarhey Lukin, Doctor of Economics (Belarus);

3. Catholic social doctrine and the concept of ordoliberalism”, Prof. Kanstancin Holubieu, Doctor of Economics (Belarus);

4. Practical aspects of implementation of the social market economy in Germany after World War II”, Julija Cajkouskaja, Ph.D. in Economics (Belarus);

5. Ordoliberalism and the social market economy: modern view from Germany, Prof. Pietr Pysz, Doctor of Economics (Germany);

6. “The attempt to create welfare society in Lithuania after 1990 (economy, public finance, social security), Prof. Romas Lazutka, Doctor of Economics (Lithuania).

7. The social market economy and the socially oriented market economy: a comparative analysis”, Uladzimir Paplyka, Ph.D. in Economics (Belarus).

Of the utmost interest were the reports of the participants which dealt with various issues of development of modern economy, such as:

  • Collusion of manufacturers vs. public welfare: the problem of state-regulated market efficiency;
  • The standard of living of Belarus’ population: tendencies and patterns;
  • Modernisation of social policy in Belarus and possibilities of utilising Germany’s experience of the social market economy formation;
  • Corporate and state social responsibility at conducting People’s IPO through the example of practice in Belarus;
  • Building institutional mechanism of ensuring social justice in economic relations,
  • etc.

The participants of the summer school greatly enjoyed Kaunas’ rich historical and cultural heritage of various centuries.

The current meeting of Belarusian academicians and experts in the format of summer school on ordoliberalism and social market economy has taken place for the first time. Our Association plans to make the summer school an annual event which will facilitate development of an expert community on the social market economy in Belarus.

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