The ninth Issue of “OIKONOMOS: Journal of Social Market Economy” has been published

The ninth Issue of “OIKONOMOS: Journal of Social Market Economy” has been published

“OIKONOMOS: Journal of Social Market Economy” is a scientific peer-reviewed journal registered in the Republic of Lithuania. The journal publishes research in economics and related disciplines.

The ninth issue of “OIKONOMOS: Journal of Social Market Economy” includes the following articles:

  • Piotr Lemeschenko «Economic science as a theoretical synthesis of economic culture, intuition, and logic»;
  • Ivan Akulich, Elena Sushkevich «The main trends in the formation and development of renewable energy and their importance for the economy of the Republic of Belarus»;
  • Giorgi Shikhashvili «Biblical and theological interpretation of environmental and economic activities as the basis of a synergistic approach to the issues of sustainable development of society»;
  • Konstantin Golubev «On the value of the principles of peaceful coexistence in positioning of catholic social and economic teaching in the period of pontificate of Pope John XXIII»;
  • Volha Audzei, Yuliya Chaikouskaya «Household income and economic growth in Belarus»;
  • Ivan Blagikh «Modernisation of the system of inter-budgetary transfers of municipalities»;
  • Kristina Shestakova «Evolution of approaches to understanding the role and place of industrial policy in the system of public administration».

Online version of the ninth issue is available for free download on the website of the journal.

19 December 2017 Journal “Oikonomos”


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