The Fourth Issue of “OIKONOMOS: Journal of Social Market Economy” has been Published

The Fourth Issue of “OIKONOMOS: Journal of Social Market Economy” has been Published

The issue is a special edition following the conference “Society and Christianity” held in Minsk in January 2016.

The fourth issue of “OIKONOMOS: Journal of Social Market Economy” includes the following articles:

  • Andrei Danilov. Economic activity and religious factor
  • Konstantin Golubev. Questions of society development in Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II
  • Giorgi Shikhashvili. The place of the Church in the structure of society from the perspective of the three-sector nature of the national economy
  • Nikoloz Chikhladze, Akaki Bakuradze. The question of the Orthodox and economic comprehension of marriage and divorce
  • Viktor Ryazanov. Prospects and limitations of the economic growth in Russia
  • Petr Lemeshchenko. Historical trend and current limitations of institutional dynamics
  • Volha Audzei, Yuliya Chaikouskaya. Formation of economic culture in contexts of innovative development
  • Vadim Dudkin. The concept of social responsibility within Catholic social teaching
  • Dmitry Runtso. Management and culture of enterprise in the information society
  • Anatoliy Konopatski. Methods and main areas of missionary work of Roman Catholic Church on the Internet through the example of Caritas Internationalis
  • Ilya Kolyadko. Orthodoxy in the world of culture: beyond modernity

Online version of the fourth issue is available for free download on the website of the journal.

19 August 2016 Association News, News


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