Student Seminar “The Social Market Economy: from Theory to Practice” Took Place

Student Seminar “The Social Market Economy: from Theory to Practice” Took Place

24-26 October 2014 the “Oikonomos” European Research Association held a seminar on the social market economy in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was attended by 15 students of Belarusian universities.

The seminar aimed at deepening participants’ knowledge of the concept of the social market economy and providing insight into functioning of the economic model based on its principles. The seminar continued last year’s seminars conducted by experts of the Association.

The seminar comprised the following sessions:

Session 1: “Role of the individual in history: Konrad Adenauer – Chancellor of Germany”. Uladzimir Paplyka, Candidate of Economics;

Session 2: “Common single market of the European Union: legal principles of formation and current trends of development”. Xenia Pierasypkina, Master of International Law;

Session 3: “The attempt to create welfare society in Lithuania after 1990 (economy, public finance, social security)”. Prof. Romas Lazutka, Doctor of Economics;

Session 4: “Corporate social responsibility in Lithuania: perception, mindset and practice”. Paulius Stonis, Master of Political Science;

Session 5: “Model of human behaviour in the theory of ordoliberalism and its relationship with the Christian social doctrine”. Prof. Kanstancin Holubieu, Doctor of Economics, Candidate of Theology;

Game simulation: “Policy of reforms in post-war Germany: experience of FRG and GDR”. Julija Cajkouskaja, Candidate of Economics.

The participants prepared essays on the prospects of the social market economy in Belarus. The final part of the seminar featured a discussion of these works.

Besides educational part, students enjoyed cultural time visiting a jazz concert of the German group “Stoppok plus Worthy“, the first in Lithuania restaurant-museum “Ida Basar”, and historical sights in the old town, including he Castle Hill and Gediminas’ Tower.

10 November 2014 Seminars


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