Digital: growing the best, not the worst

Digital: growing the best, not the worst

The added value of digital technologies has become self-evident. Access to information and services at all times is indispensable for implementing business ideas and for managing our daily lives. No network? No way! Politics and the business world have placed digitalization at the top of their agendas. It is now a top priority as a key driver for ensuring future prosperity.

To the same extent that a digital society is establishing itself, there are growing fears that data and algorithms wield a destructive power, from which there is no escape. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, data and algorithms are devouring jobs, privacy, and freedom, so as to ultimately replace us with artificial intelligence. For many, digital technologies and growing data mountains constitute a black box: complicated, complex and non-transparent. Politics, it now seems, cannot keep pace with the dynamics of technological developments and is powerless in dealing with a globally operative digital economy.

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31 July 2017 News


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