OIKONOMOS European Research Association  was created in March 2014 as the initiative of researchers and professors from Belarus, Poland, Russia. Its mission is to promote ideas of social market economy and Christian economic thought and to coordinate research in that area.

The Association is located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and the historic center of the BalticBlack Sea region which inherited rich cultures of Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, and other nations. 

The main goals of OIKONOMOS European Research Association are:

  • to coordinate research activities of the Association members and promote them in academia and education;
  • to initiate educational and research projects in the area of social market economy, Christian economic thought, corporate social responsibility, and to promote such studies;
  • to develop cooperation among educational and research institutions of Germany, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Russia, and other countries;
  • to organize conferences, courses, seminars, lectures, summer schools, and other educational events;
  • to publish scientific, informational, educational, and other materials;
  • to promote international educational and research programs and exchanges and to organize international cooperation on the issues related to the Association’s activities.